Hello there I'm new here!!

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  1. Hello there My name is Lydia and i'm 21. I started roleplaying at the end of 05 . But back in 2010 was the last time I RP'ed...soooo its been awhile lol.
    I only ever RP'ed with a single partner but I'm willing to try group roleplaying.
    I'm not every good with spelling so please don't yell at me, because I miss spell something.

    ~Character info~
    Full Name:Willow Moon
    Age:16 (yes i know shes younger then me but idc)
    Race: Neko (with a fluffy long haired tail)
    Voice:Sweet, Kind, caring, low, cute
    Eye Color: light purple
    Hair Color: Dark gray hair
    Build:Like an anime girl XD...with nice size boobs...I love boobs lol
    Height: short 4'11
    ummm I guess that's all for now if you want to know more ask ^.^
  2. Hi there Lydia! :D Welcome to the siiiiite!

  3. Thank you very much Diana! I hope I can figure out hope to use this site soon. lol XD
  4. Well hello! Welcome to the site! *totally isn't looking around to see if there are new people to rp with* But seriously I hope you enjoy it here!
  5. Thank you very much Luna!! *I'm totally not doing the same thing XD *
    And I will! Hope your day is going well!
  6. Hi, and welcome to the site. I really wish you have a great time while your with us.
  7. Thank you ever much and i will!
  8. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  9. thank you c92cool i hope i can makes friends soon....v.v'
  10. I'm sure you will. This is a pretty friendly place and only some of us bite :3
  11. LOL well i hope so because this is the 3rd RP website i tried this week...and still nothing *cries a little* XD
  12. Welcome to the site!

    Don't let the fact that two admins have greeted you fool you into thinking you're on any sort of secret police watch list... just don't try boarding any airplane, okay?

  13. *pats head* There there, you'll be fine. There's plenty of people to RP with here.
  14. lol thanks guys!
    And i won't..i'm scared of airplanes anyways XD
  15. Hi, welcome to the site :D

    If you have any questions, you can always ask me.
  16. Thanks I might have some questions later.
  17. Welcome to Iwaku! :) I look forward to seein' you around!
  18. Me to and thanks! Wait I think I saw you in the chat room yesterday. I might be wrong.
  19. You certainly did. I was there when Diana accidentally yelled at you.
  20. ...Why did she do that anyways?? XD