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  1. Call me Vixen :flirt:

    I am completely new to RP. This is a whole new world for me, but I am interested and am willing to try, eventually. Right now I want to explore and learn my way around. I am really looking forward to this.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, hope you have fun roleplaying.

    If you want someone to roleplay with, I would be willing to help and I'm sure several other people are. ^^
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, bestie. ;) I'm sure you'll love it here. I do.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Vixen!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! If you ever have any questions about roleplay or wish to roleplay feel free to send me a message. Hopefully you enjoy it here and find it a happy home, as well as I hope you enjoy Roleplaying. ^_^
  6. Howdy Vixen! :d welcome to the site!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, hope you have an excellent time here. If you want a partner or advice or anything, my inbox is always open ^^
  8. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    You will soon get the hang of it, and then you are on your way to awesome.

    Hope you find stories to partake in, and of course have a wonderfull time enjoying your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.