Hello there, everyone! (Gee, being new is hard)

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  1. Hiya! Well, I'm (obviously) new to the website but I'm looking forward to being able to meet and roleplay with all of you. I'm kind of new to forum roleplaying and haven't really done much of it but not new to roleplaying in it's entirety since I've been doing it for a few years now. Anyway, if you want to know more about me and my type of roleplaying style visit my profile! I hope you all have a good day and, as said, am looking forward to making new friends/rp buddies
  2. Hey there Autumn! >:3 Welcome to the community. We're happy to have you with us! <3
  3. Hello and welcome Autumn! It's a pleasure to meet you! ^^ I'm Mittens! :D Friends and RP buddies are everywhere here, so I'm excited to see you around! ^^
  4. Welcome! You'll soon find out this place is awesome.

    And don't listen to anything Kid Jesus says.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I really appreciate it!!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Autumn!
  7. HEY AUTUMN :)

    I'm October! Nice to meet you.
  8. -bows like a gentleferret-
    Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you have a wonderful time!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, youll be sure to find some stories to partake in ^^

    Hope you enjoy your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.