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What did you think of my character?

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  1. My real name is Sam.

    My Character name is Hedeki.
    He is a Male.
    He is about 23 right now.

    I am not new to Role-playing.
    I actually love to write, right now I'm actually writing a book at the moment.

    I love to hear and see new people that I don't know. I do hope you guys will accept me as well.
    I can tend to be a little pervy OOC, but in character, I can be evil and demising. So watch out, Hedeki is a bad guy :3 (Most of the time.)

    His main ability that he likes to use is a dark mist, and within this mist would be a shallow lake of blood, following the mist underneath.
    When he sings a lullaby while the mist is active, little undead babies grow from within. Which in my sense, is awesome O_o

    He has long sandy blond hair, blue eyes, but they also change to bright yellow when he gets a little mad. He tends to wear a long leather trench coat, black tank top, and some blue jeans with a few chains hanging from them.
    His eyes are piercing, as if he's seen some things that most people shouldn't have.

    And that's my description for now. Keep an eye on this guy, things are going to heat up. :3
  2. Undead babies? Lakes of blood? Creepy dark mist? Wonderful! Welcome, ominous person! I'm looking forward to seeing Hedeki in action.
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  3. Thank you so am I. His lullaby is based in Italian. So makes the scene a little creepier lol. Right now I'm trying to figure out where I need to start off, cause he is a bit of a stalker. But then again he doesn't like to attack or interact straight away, takes his time.
    I do hope he gets lots of good reviews :3
  4. It might be useful to look at the roleplay talk or the partner request/sign-up parts of different sections. With a bit of luck you can find a roleplay he wants to appear in. Or if not, you can find others to start a new one with. :) And of course there are always jump-in roleplays, which you can join at any time.
  5. Yeah, I'm already starting a request. I'm writing out the previous plot he had and explaining his abilities. But I don't want to say everything, mainly cause I don't want to give everything away, want it to be a surprise >:3
  6. *scared out of my mind now but is looking calm* hello i like your charater even though he scare the shit out of me *smiles* hope to see you in actone (?)
  7. Hello, thanks, took me awhile to build em like this. I do hope to get him in action soon, it'll fun.
  8. good luck for got to say that good luck everyone one will need it
  9. lol, Ikr, He's not all that bad though. I just stalks mainly, doesn't actually attacks or kills anyone on the spot. Kinda like, plays with them a little. Freaks em out first. Lots of fun lol.
  10. Oh Hedeki XD you're freaking us all out lol Can't wait to keep reading up on you and I'M GLAD you finally got active on here! I misseth you sir at least we'll keep in touch through here ^^ *huggles*
  11. lol Ikr, thanks. I'm glad I'm freaking you guys out, that's my motive on here. *Huggles*