Hello There Beautiful People~

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  1. Well then *shifts nervously under the many eyes* now that I've got your attention...Hi! I've come to rock your RPing worlds. Or at least have some fun while exploring them. I go by more names than I care to count so for here you can just call me Tal (or Krystal or Kristie or Bre or Gil or...). While I am new to the site I am an old hand at the wonderful (addictive) art of RPing . In fact if you spent any time on msn groups, you may have played on my site Two Worlds before it got deleted by a sleezy #*$()#)_(#$&@&. I've been down on my RPing luck for the past 2 or 3 years but I'm hoping I'll find a new home here to get my fix ;p
  2. hello there!
  3. Hi, nice to meet you!
  4. Hey there Tal! Welcome to Iwaku! :)
  5. Hi there Taliesin! <3 We're happy to have you in the community! Welcome to Iwaku!