Hello there!....again...sorta...

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  1. Well, first off, hi, how's it going to the people I don't know. Second, to the people that DO know me...or knew me...I'm back for a little while, seems like I need a little more work on my writing and what better way to do that than to jump into RPing again. So, if anyone's interested in partnering up in a project or can tell me of a descent place to get back into the swing of things, let me know. Till then, happy posting X3
  2. Welcome back to the site!

    Now you can stay with us fooooreeeevvvveerrrrrrrr!
  3. O.o Sounds good to me.....but lets stay at arms length ^ ^;:
  4. Welcome back! :D I'm not sure if we've ever met before, but I'm Mittens! ^^

    It's good to see you are excited about RPing again and are willing to gain some new experience! :D If you need any help (which you might not if since you've been here before, but nonetheless) PM me! I'll be happy to help! ^^
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  5. And thank you for the warm welcome. I'd say aside from accepting the compliment for the adorable Avatar, I'd say just point me in the right direction of a descent RP. Been looking through a few and not really sure what to jump into. (Also, getting used to the new lay out of the place O.o)