Hello, the Doctor is here.

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  1. And not the Doctor you're thinking of. ;P
    Hi there, I'm Mavrick, aka Mav, aka omnomkims, aka kims, aka Dr Velociraptor, aka Dr V.
    Yes, I have many names.
    Mav is my original screen name that I've used since I was a kid (and yes, I spelled maverick wrong- because I just didn't like the E when I was younger. Don't ask. My brain does weird things). I am a second year medical student in a tropical hell (because, I dislike hot weather, and wish I was back in the states where it's cold and happiness). I rped a lot a while back, since I was about 10/13, and went on through highschool and college, and now, I have the messy muse of a thousand centuries being stored and wanting to come out (though, it's messy, and doesn't know where it wants to go). I am a INTJ, and I realize perhaps a bit of a sociopath, BUT IT'S OKAY. I usually have my sociopathic tendencies under control (this is where the writing and drawing come in).

    I don't know if that made a good introduction or not.....

    I am Mav.
    I am a med student.
    I am a sociopath.
    I love you?
  2. Yo, welcome to iwaku mav and I love you too! <3
  3. Hallo Mav! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome. :3
  5. Yay! A fellow sociopath who despises shitty tropical weather! Depending on your gaming preferences I might want to steal you into one because having multiple sociopaths in a single game is a wonderful way to work a story.
  6. I live on a Caribbean Island.
    It's too hot, and I wish it would snow an avalanche on me.
    kekeke. We shall see. ^^
  7. *walks in all cool-like with a long list of Doctor Who references in my hand ready to show them off*

    *opens mouth to speak*


    *shuts it again realizing that's not what you meant* *hides the list behind my back*

    Welcome to iwaku! I hope you love it here! If you ever want anyone to chat with or are looking for any groups to join, feel free to message me any time! :)

    Have a great day!​
  8. kekekee
    I figured I'd get a lot of people who'd try that on me. ;P
    But, alas, I am actually studying to be a Doctor.

    don'tdoit. ;___;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.