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  1. Hi! My forum name is Saken (as I tend to use this as a way of the entire internets, so most people can figure out who I am if they have visited other sites. :3) It's pronounced Say-Kin (just before people have to ask). I love to roleplay Fantasy and semi-realistic settings (i'm thinking zombies, or abnormal things set in the real world). I have a tendancy to swoon over gore and attempt to incorporate it into most of my posts (grr, rawr, argh =o) and am always looking for a way to improve and to meet new people, since I consider myself to be a social (sarcastic) butterfly! :D
  2. (slaps Saken) :) Hey lovely, ^_^ we must go role play hunting soon...sooon >:D
  3. Yes! So you, Akita, and Lupine are here?! And, how the heck did you figure out how to do a profile picture. I was looking at the profile and going, "hurr, I'm.. Not smart."
  4. > My settings
    >Look to your lower left
    >Edit Avatar.
    > :p

    Well, Lupine mentioned the site to me. I checked it out, found the rules of behavior to be amusing yet ridiculously awesome and so I joined. And then Kita joined after she saw my favorite rules, and so...yeah :D
  5. SAAAAYKEEEEEEN.... is apparently really fun to scream out loud. >> You should try that.

    Everything you need for editing your account is in the SETTINGS link. >:3

    Also, welcome to the community! 8D
  6. Welcome to the Iwaku Community Saky! If you need help don't be afraid to ask :3 By the way I am Rina!
  7. Hello There :D Welcomes n_n I be new as well :O
  8. Dear God, I have a created a mass exodus?!
  9. You have, Lupine! It's all your fault! Let the migration begin... *Prances about. :D* Thank you, you guys!!!

    Yes Saken is fun to scream out.. You should throw your hands to the heavens when you do it, and fall to your knees. It's a great spectacle. ^_^;;
  10. -pushes Saken to the cbox- I am already there. Get in there so other people can scream your name >> -waggles eyebrows-
  11. Saken, you need to post more before access the whole site. You need a total of 6 posts so hurry up :P
  12. YES SIR. SORRY SIR. *Sulks.*
  13. Awe poop. The other folks ditched on joining. :'( We'll get them later.
  14. Sayken! :D

    Welcome to Iwaku, sir! Zombies you say? Why not start a
    Jump In Rp about them seeing as though this is our Sci-Fi month!
  15. Welcome Saken! Now now, it's not all about the cbox. You should go play some games too and take on projects! :D Have fun!