Hello thar!! XD

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  1. A wild Kaiyashu has appeared!

    Hey, how are ya?

    The name's Kaiyashu. I'm a self-taught artist and a little strange, but in a good way. Cosplay, roleplay, videogames, music, anime, fanfiction, BJDs (internet cookie for you if you know what those are) and a whole lot more are hobbies of mine. I've also been known to walk around local cities in costume when the mood hits me. Blame Raiu for my sudden appearance on this site. See that funky cartoon weirdo I have as my avatar? It's a cartoon self-portrait I did for my Digital Art class. Hope you like it.

    I posted in a few areas on the site so far to introduce myself. Eventually I'll stop running around lost and finally figure everything out on this site. Either that or I'll have an episode. Maybe both. You know, just to cover all the bases. ;D
  2. What about tabletop?

    Here we have quite a few artists and I'm looking forwards to seeing our work in the A&W section especially if your Avi is an example of your work. If you need any help I'm your man.

    Enjoy your stay.
  3. catches wild Kaiyashu
    Been needing one of those....

    <3 Welcome to the site, dearie.
    Need help or need questions answered, feel free to ask or to go to one of the ones in purple, blue, or red. ^.^(If they don't help, feel free to kick them in their asses.)
    And I do like the avy. :3

    Anyway, have fun and look around as much as you need to get all the bases covered! And anytime you feel like, just go into the CBox and get to know some people. ^__^

    For now, have a good day~

    ~*tips hat and leaves casually out the back door*
  4. Welcome to the site, Kaiyashu. Hope you enjoy your time here at Iwaku!
  5. Woo, that was fast!

    I've done a little tabletop years ago with "Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM)" and a tiny bit of Warhammer 40k, but I sold my Eldar army and I can't find my dice. If I do, I'll let you know! Thanks for the help and I may post some past works in the A&W section soon!
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! (And I've been captured already, yahh!! O.o;)

    I'll be sure to pop on and chat people's ears off with questions soon. :D
  7. Hello! I'm Zypher your one fourth of your friendly Super-Mod team! If you have any questions about the site (Or Morning Musume) feel free to ask me! :D
  8. :D Hello dearest Kaiyashu~ Oooh <3 BJDs! I wish I had some, but no moneys for them Q u Q Heheh. Anyways welcome to the site <3 And yay! Self-taughtness! /shot
  9. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! And internet cookies for San-Gry for knowing what BJDs are. They are pretty expensive, aren't they? ^^
  10. -steals Kai from Loveless after mugging Loveless-

    Yosh! Kai is mine!


    Anyway, welocme Kai, you already made some friends. Glad I showed you the link, huh?
  11. You bet I am! And stealing me already? Ha ha, I have a feeling my stay here will be anything but normal. But you know what, I'm not into normal anyway. ^^

    *kicks Raiu and hands loveless a chainsaw*
  13. They are! And yay! Internet cookies! Hahaha! x)) !! How many do you have? Have you done many photoshoots with them yet? :) I'd love to see!
  14. Well, I have eight of them. Six SD13 sized and two 45cm sized. I took pictures a while back, but have updated their faces since then. I'll have to do some new photoshoots and I'll let you know when I have them up, okay? :)

    And there goes Raiu, starting trouble again... ^^;
  15. Hello Kaiyashu,, glad you joined our humble community. Please don't forget to watch your back. That's where they attack from!

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  16. Hey, give me some credit, I know what a BJD is. C:

    I'm Basil, knight-extraordinaire and connoisseur of fantasies. I'm also a moderator. Sometimes.
  17. xD :) Haha really? I can't wait to see their new looks then! ;)) Ahh really?! 45cm?! O: Wahh~ Not a bad size~ x))

    BASIL. You don't count mista unicorn knight >:| <3<3
  18. Internet cookies for Sir Basil too then! And thank you to The Butterfly, I will watch my back for them. And the zombies...and the teletubbies.

    Also, the 45cm BJD are way lighter and easier to carry than the 58-65cms that I have, though I love them all. Most of them pose pretty well, which helps for when I use them as models for my artwork.
  19. I bet :) Yeah, I'm sure XD But it still is a great size, IMO. I wish I had some to use for poses, tch. Would help me out a lot more then getting my minion little brother to take pictures of me posing. LOL.
  20. That's pretty helpful too though. I use my own face for character expressions, though I'm not the best with a camera. Do you have some artwork posted? I'd love to see it. :D