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    If you haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a Doctor Who fanatic...particularly that of Miss River Song. Anyway. I suppose you can call me Melody or Mels/Mel. Hell if you want to call me "that Psychotic Bitch" I'm perfectly okay with it. Whatever floats your goat, darling.

    I'm obviously new around these parts, and would appreciate any help in figuring out how things work around here. Although I have gone through the guide and think I can make do on my own, but I still could use a friend or two.

    Now as for Roleplaying, I've noticed you have an entirely different setup than I am used to, but I am a quick learner. I do have a question though. I roleplay at a higher level of literacy and post length. I was curious as to a guestimate ratio of higher to lower quality roleplays (for the lack of a better word).
  2. Hello!! I am also a Doctor Who fanatic, and a noob!
  3. Oh well lovely to meet you. <3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Hiya!


    So, that being said, welcome! On Iwaku, there isn't a literacy scale per-say. (Diana will attack people if she hears the words literate and roleplay in the same sentence.) It's more a matter of finding partners who have similar writing styles. This is a very friendly site, so it shouldn't take long to find some friends. Geronimo!
  6. Hello there.

    And well then, I'll just have to hope for the best. It's not that I'm snotty about it, I just love a lengthy and strong roleplay.
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, fellow Whovian!

    Allow me to direct you to this article, explaining why we don't use the term 'literacy'.

    The best way to attract a strong role-player who will give you the length of post you prefer? Lead by example, and be polite! If you write long and strong, you'll attract players who write in a similar way. If someone's post doesn't give you a lot to work with, let them know. There are ways to do things without being a douche about it. And you seem too cool to be a douche.

    Also, chat it up with folks and get to know them! Check out the groups to find people with your interests, or check the Roleplay Talk thread to see if there are any roleplays that grab your attention. Browse the JumpIns to see if there's any that you'd like to get in on. Best yet, come check out the Cbox! Getting to know folks is the best way to find new partners.

    Happy Roleplaying!
  8. Best way to find a partner who posts the same as you is looking at their posts, or even their "roleplay resume" found in the tabs on peoples profiles :)

    Welcome! I love Dr. Who too! Although Amelia Pond is more my love ;) being a redhead and all that..
  9. K-9's my favourite companion o-o but that's probably because I love Tom Baker's Doctor...

    Anyway, HI! Welcome to Iwaku! I also enjoy long RP posts =D and I have a thing about grammar <.< >.> but I try to stow it away here and make allowances because it's creativity that counts =D and stuff! HI! I've said that already... I'mma go 'cause I'm typing rubbish now but HI!
  10. Hi Melody!

    New here myself, and a 'literacy' love - *read, anal writer.

    Pull up a seat and get stuck in! (And write me with, naturally).

  11. Well, thank you all. And it is completely understandable that the staff have a distaste for the term "literacy". I have no intent to make anyone feel inferior. I am no superior writer (however I do aspire to write YA best sellers one day, hopefully if I am good enough). I just enjoy great detail. I will just have to figure my own way of working things out without hurting feelings as best I can.

    I am curious though. Eventually I will post a RP of my own, and would it be wrong of me to ask that only those who post in detail and greater length join, not as a rule but as a suggestion. I have a feeling that it would be a yes (that it'd be wrong), after reading the wiki. I just wanted to clear it up completely, so I don't make the mistake in the future. Yet, I'm hoping that because I'm not trying to express a "literacy clause" but more of a attempt to make sure I don't hurt feelings when I do post in detail and hope for the same.

    Again, thank you all for your kindness. <3
  12. Hello! Usually people put in "requirments" because as a game master - it is your roleplay after all, you've got reign over what happens in it. :) I've seen lots of people ask for longer posts, just as long as there's nothing along the lines of "intelligent posts" or anything belittling or demeaning like that.. then yeah! All is fine as far as I'm aware. :) x
  13. Like Charlie said, you are well within your rights to ask that people pay attention to detail in their posts, and really discourage the 'one-liner'. You are also within your rights to ask someone to leave your roleplay if you think that your styles or ideas are not compatible. But like I said, there's ways of phrasing it, and if you'd like help to do that, we are here to help!
  14. Great, now I have to rephrase my status AND my signature. -sigh- I like MY Pond better.

    But you seem pretty awesome, too. Just not as RL-snugglable.
  15. What Charlie and Cammy said. However you can't really do that in JumpIn roleplays because the whole point is for everyone to join no matter their styles and what not. It's all about how you present yourself. Kindness is a big thing around here.

    Also, welcome to Iwaku. River Song is my <3 and I will surely miss her in this season as well as the Ponds. /emos ;~;
  16. Thank you guys, again. I really appreciate your kindness.
  17. A whovian! Awesome xD Love Doctor who, anyways...

    Well welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay :D
  18. I swear, you mention that you're a fellow Whovian and there are sooo many people who you form instant kinship with. ;D

    Hello and welcome! I love how you presented yourself and I cannot wait for your first rp thread!
  19. Why hello there :3
    I enjoy the lengthy writing myself, as well as doctor who!
  20. Ermahgerd, Loving your Doctor Who reference. :D
    Riversong is also one of my favorite DW characters. <3
    Welcome to iwaku!