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"I am just a man who is trying to make it in life,even as I type this down,I try to think apon my past and see how I got here.i try to find new ways to Write and to express my feelings as i..." sound of kichen frige open and close."Goomba Joe,is that you?" gets up of of chair and goes to kitchen,a small conversation can
be heard"what are you doing?we only have a week before we kill that tentacle
monster thing and your eating OUR spare food!" Goomba Joe starts framing
food into his mouth using his foot."and so? We have all the food we need at pier's house" TheCrow smacks his face with his hand."We can't keep asking the
CREEPY ASS French guy across the street,and I'm getting sick of muffins and breads!"he goes back to the computer
to type again."Even after all the tymes we...Dammit!" He gets up again."JOE!Did you change the computer to not fix TYPOS?!" Joe keeps eating"uh,yeah why?"he drinks water and absorbs it into his skin like any other mushroom
would."People NEED that to make perfect sentences!you know what,nevermind.I'm just going to send the blog post then go to sleep for tomorrow."the crow sits down and sends the blog.
Not open for further replies.