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  1. Hello. I am a sci-fi RPer who sometimes will experiment with early modern and dieselpunk-esque fantasy settings and occasional may attempt to participate in a alternate history role-play. In general I tend to like modern settings due to the rapid pace of change that occurs in such settings that just gives to me a sense of tenseness you don't get with a RP with iron or bronze age technology. I also tend to keep a distance from fandom-type roleplays due their lack of appeal to me.

    I am the age of 18, but have role played since the age of thirteen.

    As some earlier joining members may have told, RPGuild as a site has become rather unstable on the whole, while the libertarian nature of the site made it likable the issue of having the site being down half the day as of recent has become particularly troubling. I am not sure how much longer the site will be around, so I have taken it upon myself to scout for a new place for a group or two of intermediate to advanced roleplayers.
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  2. Hi there Ixion, welcome to the site! :D I hope this is the place for you!