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  1. Hi there, i'm kinda new in RPs, i have played one or two RPs before but no more...
    I love anime and video games, i like a lot the fantasy/magic based RPs so...

    Pleasure to meet you all ^^/
  2. *bows* Welcome to the madness, you made no mistake in coming over. *disappears into shadows*
  3. You and me are going to be good friends :3
  4. Question: Do we have any battle system?
  5. *grins* I sure hope were gonna be friends.

    About the battle system, honestly I don't think so, cause I've never seen something like that here.
  6. Well...guess after some time i will introduce the battle system making my own RP :3
  7. I'm sure you can give that up as a suggestion to one of the administrators ^^
  8. Ok...Going to wait a time for it :3
  9. *mad chuckle* now you have me excited for it.
  10. Yay new roleplayer! ^o^ That's so much fun, you still have a world of discovery to make!

    We don't have a set battle system, and battle systems aren't as popular here since most people just stick to simple writing. O_O But we've had people do those kind of roleplays in the past and I know there's people that enjoy doing them. So you can post them up and try those kind of roleplays any time! 8D
  11. Thanks Diana, for sure i will try... (The battle and leveling give a touch to the game)

    I have an small battle system created and i know some DMs (Not of this page) so...
  12. Hello Zack. I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. You will right in on this site. If you ever want to RP or just wanna talk, then shoot me a PM! I, usually, reply to them fairly quick. Anyways, I hope you have a nice stay here on Iwaku; the site filled with glorious insanity.
  13. Thanks
    Mel...That thing of the insanity actually really fits me...I use to RP mad characters :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.