Hello~ Roleplays are needed~

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Sebastian (Character's name) I would love to have a one on one roleplay, I am not too big on group ones, but I will do my best. I love the roleplays though, helps my creative side to come out! Please if you want a roleplay, I would gladly take that offer up!
    ~Sebastian Aleister Hale
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  2. Hi there Sebastian! Welcome to the community!
  3. As a fellow newbie, I welcome you! I hope you have fun.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku. Please make yourself at home ^_^
  5. Nice intro, I like it! The name's Poe or Poetic
    Welcome and have fun!
  6. [BCOLOR=#000000]Welcome fellow newer comer. ^w^ I hope to see you around sometime. Enjoy your stay~ :3[/BCOLOR]​
  7. *just stares at Sebs(cause I'm lazy and giving the nickname out) avatar for a while*

    Oh yeah and welcome ^^, I can understand the 1x1 preference groups are always hard to keep track of what's happening. Actually happened to me where we were all focused on interaction with just one person we went.. Wait our characters in the same room?! Oh well let's just have two different kitchens lol.