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  1. Uhm.. I'm new here so I need HUGE help on how to get some friends in here, I wanna say hi first though..
  2. Hi well...normally you can get friends through rp~ and welcome to Iwaku Lamby Lamb~!
  3. I am shy, and I don't know how the website works. Maybe It's just me. xD
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  4. I'm also shy, but I've since come to terms with it, and I've been able to get out of my shell through interactions with others. I can't say the same when it comes to real life, though.
  5. Ooooooohhhh!~ Let's meet irl. Fite me.
  6. Ehhhhhhh no. O_O I would probably stand there, staring at a wall, mute. It's not a pretty picture . . .
  7. You would be staring at me, and I would punch you softly. xD
  8. <---I would probably be running away already QwQ
  9. Well, ouch. You're a feisty one.
  10. I'm shy too, maybe we can be shy together? :3
  11. We all can be shy~! XD~!
  12. And play League together, which is what I'll always want.
    ayy welcome to Iwaku!
  14. Me! I want people to play League with. ;^; And thanks.. still getting used to the site. Currently playing Aram tho.
  15. What server? :DD
    I don't play as much anymore but I used too main support.
    (Welcome to the site, by the way! :D)
  17. North America. :) I main support, but I can play anything but jungle.

    Thank you, grey. <3
  18. I feel you ; u ;
    Also is that Kindred in your avatar? :oo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.