Hello potential new friends!

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  1. Hi! I am Elfie, I just joined this evening, obviously, and I wanted to pop in and say hello. x3 I am excited to be here and hopefully find some new partners and possibly new friends to roleplay with! I am 21, recently back form a 3 year hiatus from roleplaying. Well, life was just too boring without roleplaying in it! I really enjoy fandom roleplays. Aside from roleplaying, I train horses and will hopefully be an apprentice electrician in six months. I know, a weird thing to want to be when you grow up, right? Anyway, hope you are all having a lovely morning/day/evening and feel free to chat with me anytime! ^^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you find everything to be to your liking...

    Pushes a tray of freshly baked snickerdoodles in front of him towards

    Eat these lovely treats that I totally did not smuggle away from the admins and mods again.
  3. Electricity yay! 8D Welcome to the site, Elfie! I hope you find some groovy things to get in to later!
  4. Hehe, thanks for the welcome guys! Oooh snickerdoodles, my favorite~! ;3
  5. Welcome~! I'm Madyline. *waves* I agree, life without roleplay is just too boring. You train horses? :o That's cool. I've only been around horses once, and I got bitten. >.< Horses don't like me. I think being an electrician is cool.
  6. Hi Madyline! x3 Haha, I wouldn't take getting bitten to hard, most horses get mouthy when they are looking for treats. And some are just jerks about biting. xD Yeah I think it will be too! Getting pretty excited to hear back from my union to see if I got accepted. x3 Gonna wire up some sweet entertainment systems in people's houses! Aaaand my mom is pestering me to put outlets under the eves of her house so she can wrap the whole thing in x-mas lights every year. xD
  7. Haha that's awesome, I love Christmas lights. By the way, I'm going insane trying to figure out where I've seen your picture before. >.< Is it from a manga?
  8. Haha, I do too but my mom can go kinda crazy with them. xD Oh it's from the Tales of Symphonia Manga adaptation. x3 It's Kratos~
  9. Oh, thank you. ^_^ it bothers me when I don't know things like that, but I think I do. Anywho, I'm dying of boredom. :'( Would you like to roleplay with me? :D
  10. No worries, stuff like that gets to me too. xD Sure I'd be up for it. ^^
  11. Woo hoo! I shall pm you.