Hello people. :)

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  1. Hello everybody. I'm new here. Yet I am not new to roleplaying. I love to rp, I do it alot on my free time. Lets see, I am a big music fan, music is life to me, keeps me alive.
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  2. Hello there! Welcome to Iwaku!
    *Miku Miku Dance!*
  3. [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]*hangs upside down from the ceiling and waves* Hey there! I am Hiroki Shoma. Welcome to Iwaku where insanty has no limits and takes many forms. *gives a golden card with my name and information written on it* If you wanna chat or just simply Rp, let me know. *smiles evily before vanishing.* tumblr_static_tumblr_static_7l2zmvhim3cwsw8wk0ss4wc4k_1280.gif [/BCOLOR]
  4. Is that... a SeeU I see?


    Welcome to the site, Hiroshi! I look forward to seeing you around~
  5. Greetings Hiroshi, welcome to the site!