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  1. So, I'm new to this site. Well, I've been around for some time, just haven't done anything. I can't recall when I actually joined this site, but I know that it was a long time ago (a couple of months at least!) I didn't really like forum sites at the time of me joining, so I ended up vanishing from this site rather quickly.

    Luckily, I am back here. I also didn't see this forum topic, so there's that. Also, I don't have anything against forums anymore, so there is that!
  2. Hey there random person! Welcome to... Iwaku.. I think. o.o
  3. Thank you, equally as random person :)
  4. Aye, a warm welcome to Iwaku, Summer~ (If you dislike that nickname, or have a different one you prefer, please let me know. ^_^) I hope that the site has what you're looking for, roleplay and partner wise! If you ever have any questions or need a hand around, feel free to message myself or any other staff/CVs.

    Good luck finding a roleplay that suits your fancy!
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  5. Thank you for your warm welcome! And yes, I do prefer to be called Summer. I like the nickname, and prefer people to call me by it instead of others (I got Night before, which was odd in my opinion!)

    I hope to have some nice roleplays here! :D
  6. My pleasure. ^_^ Alright, duly noted. Yeah, I could see how it'd be a bit odd to be called 'Night'. XD

    I hope you do, as well! People around here are pretty nice and accepting, so I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for pretty quick. Not to mention, you'll hopefully make a good few friends as well. :3
  7. Yeah, I was pretty confused when they said it. I've also gone by "Skunkyswag" and for some reason, someone gave me the nickname "swag" while the rest of the people called me what I asked them to call me. It's odd, I know. But it's the Internet, where the weirdest things are found (or shared if they happened in real life! THANK YOU REDDIT!)

    I hope so. The last site that I joined was very friendly! I haven't lost that one (and not plan on it!) I'm just using this site to get to meet more and more people (I think this site is lar
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  8. I'm new so I'm kinda felt the same but it gotten better. And I love it
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  9. I feel much more welcome then before. I just needed a day to get around and talk to some people (I've met a few people who I really hit it off with rather nicely, so that's a plus~) How long have you been on this site? Just curious >.<
  10. Well, 3 days ago only *felt bad when answering this
    At first, I didn't feel I belong to this community because I don't really rp. I can but someone has to start first and I'll follow(It's mean I am suck at it). So, basically I came just to make friends and this site is just amazing cause it has a lot of interesting features so I would like to fit in here and thing are going smoothly (^_^)
  11. Ah, it's okay! At least you're going the same thing as me! And that is true. When I first started, I was really confused! I got the hang of it in a week, but that is because I looked at it more as writing, than a game. I still do to this day, but I think of it as more of writing a story piece by piece and swapping characters/players every so often. I almost wrote a story based on one and I was going to put it on some Fan Fic website, but after looking back at it, it was HORRIBLE. I mean, I thought that it was too bad to be honest (not to mention what it was about....)
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  13. True, that is very very true! I should really look it up, flesh it out/rewrite it with the same person (since I still have their skype) and do a before and after. Just a thought, maybe... I believe that it was a bit NSFW though, but then again, I could be thinking about another rp (most of my first rps were super gory for whatever reason, haha.)
  14. Don't worry.. being anime lover, nothing is gory anymore for me..hahahah
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