Hello People~ xD

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  1. Hey guys~
    As the description said, I really haven't messed with role-playing in the past. xD I've been interested in it for a while now though, I just didn't have the courage to dive in and, honestly, suck at it as a beginner might.
    Might as well start now I guess. ^-^ I'd appreciate any advice or random help. Or, your just dropping in and saying hi. :D I'd love to meet whoever might be reading this~
  2. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay. There is an RP Academy where you can brush up on some skills, and there are plenty of people who would probably be more than willing to lend a helping hand should you need it. And if you want to get your feet wet and just have some fun getting used to roleplays there is always the jump in section which doesn't require profiles.

    Roleplay Academy

    Jump in roleplay
  3. Thanks Erebus. xD And yeah, I'll definitely try to check out the Academy as soon as I get a chance to.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Sapphire!

    Erebus has you set up with some useful links.

    So 'll just add along if you need any help please feel free to ask someone!
  5. Hello, Miss Sapphire, and welcome to Iwaku.

    I take it sapphire is your birthstone, or you just like the color? It is a very beautiful blue. You should definitely check out those links, as well.

    If there is anything you need, bother me by pulling my hair and I will assist you in anyway you can
  6. Hi Sapphire! Everyone's very friendly and welcoming to RP newbies so don't worry about how you're doing and just get started!
  7. Ahahah~ Got like 4 new posts while I was away... xD

    First off, thank you very much Juku and Elyd. ^-^ Glad to hear people are awesome around here, haha.

    Iliana~ Thanks for the welcome. xD And no, sapphires are just one of my favorite gemstones, and they go along with my favorite color. Sadly, my birthstone is a diamond~♪ Not exactly as interesting~ ^-^'

    Seriously though, thanks for the welcome everyone. :D
  8. MINE IS DIAMOND TOO. /bestfriends.
  9. You're most welcome!
  10. Welcome ! ​I have been roleplaying for years now so if you need help, let me know
  11. Welcome! Glad to have you with us!

    If you need anything, please ask!
  12. Hahah~ Diamonds shall rule~ xD

    And thank you SoppyDayDreams and Jukujin. ^-^ I'll be sure to ask around if I have trouble, through at the moment I don't really have specific questions to ask~♪
  13. Welcome, welcome to Iwaku Sapph!

    Can I call you Sapph? YOU BETTER LET ME. *glares*

    Anyways, I'm Selenite, and I love gemstones! My favourite one is the peridot. I'm not really sure which is my birthstone. I've heard all kinds of different ones according to different sources. *shrugs*

    But please, both diamonds and sapphires rock so, here, have a coookie! *smiles*

    (yeah I know, but it should be edible, trust me)

    I aaaalways remember my first roleplay experience... I barged in with some character sheet without any previous experience or anything... without even saying hello... It was so exciting!!!

  14. Welcome to Iwaku, Sapphire!

    Its nice to have you here.

    Enjoy your stay and as the others have said, feel free to ask for help!

    Welcome to the family.
  15. Hallo Sapphy! 8D It's always fun to have new roleplayers! Welcome to the community!