Hello people of Iwaku!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by joeymicl, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I have been looking around for a new RP site and stumbled upon this one! I hope it's fun and entertaining, also could someone inform me if there is a new story opening up? I'd like to start fresh. :)
  2. There are afew you may like in the forums, some could really use some players.

    Hello Joe and welcome to Iwaku.
    *shakes hand*
  3. Well, welcome! :D

    I'm constantly opening RPs, so I'll let you know if I start one. I have none at the moment though x_x
  4. Check this for new roleplays. You can sign up for any story that intrigues you.

    I'm Celeste! Welcome to Iwaku. Glad to have you new friend.
  5. Hello thar! :D You can do a bit of snooping for new rps. There's usually a new one opening up every other day or so! Welcome to the site!
  6. Hi everyone and thanks for welcoming me! I would have replied to you each individually but it seems I forgot to subscribe to my own thread! Hahaha
    I have found a new RP and have joined and any that you guys want me to join would be great! :D
  7. Welcome to the site, Joeymicl. I'm October, Nice to meet you! I see you're from the golden state. too. *Fistbumps*

    Glad you decided to join, I'm sure you'll find everything you are looking for here. I'll be sure to send an invite your way next time I am looking for players.
  8. Nice to meet you to! *fistbumps* What part of Cali you from?

    I'm glad I joined too, and thanks I'll be waiting! :)
  9. Welcome Joeymicl! Have a great time RPing here. :D
  10. This is definitely a good site to join. Glad you could make it, Joe!

    I'm Ozzie. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with! Have you filled out your Roleplayer's Resume yet?
  11. Thanks Ozzie! If you ever make a RP you should tell me! :)
  12. I will do that!