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Hello and welcome to my very first 1 x 1 partner request ^-^ Whether you like what you see and choose to pm or just decide, I graciously appreciate the time you took out of your wondrous day to consider my proposition. Now on to business. Here's the list of rp types I'm interested in doing at the moment:


Fairy Tail
Blue Gender
Blue Exorcist
Attack On Titan
Dragon Ball Z


The Maze Runner
Hunger Games
Star Wars
Star Trek?
Being Human
Walking Dead


Mass Effect
Last of Us
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem

OS(Original Stories)


War veteran x young mercenary

Prince x Foreign princess

Merchant x Hired Sword

Royalty x Royal Guard

Enemy Captain x enemy captain


Demon x Angel

Swordmaster x Wizard

Dragon x human

Neko man/Neko woman x Human/Mythical creature

Master Sorcerer x apprentice/novice

Pirate/privateer x person from the future

Hunter x Hunted

As for the requirements:

I expect you to write at least one paragraph per post(No one liners).
I expect you to write in a clear and understandable manner.
I expect a post from you at least every three days.
I expect you to be comfortable with creating various Npcs/side characters in order to progress the story.
I expect you to be comfortable with voicing your opinion and make healthy contributions to the Rp.
I expect you to notify me beforehand when leaving the rp or when you are unable to post for a time.
I expect you to expect me to follow the same requirements that I issue onto others.

Well if you see anything that catches your interest, message me on here or pm and I'll be sure to get back to you. Also, if you want to mix any of the given rp types up, or you have some ideas of your own then feel free to share them with me ^_^
Not open for further replies.