Hello out there!

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  1. I am Boo-to-you, or what ever variation you can think of, and then I'll probably respond to anything you decide to call me. I identify as a girl, but most of my friends are guys so I end up being one of the guys many times. As of this posting date, I am 17 and am eagerly awaiting my birthday in August.
    I love to roleplay, and my most recent attempts on new sites have gone down the drain. I would play with Twitter-hikari in person, D&D and the like, but she's gone off to get married, leaving me alone :P. I find that waiting for a Group RP sometimes gets tedious and aggravating when the other players don't post as fast as I do One on One are fun, because there is less waiting on people.
    Um, Harlem Shake, is a def fave over Gangnam Style, cuz I am a spaz when I dance and that's kinda what Harlem Shake is. Oh and the song that's bugging me right now is Make a Man Out of You from Mulan.

  2. Boo to you, too!

    Oh, that's your name : )

    I'm October, local mod, ex knight and addicted rper.

    Hope you enjoy your time here and find lots of awesome rps to join.
  3. I have had many people run away to make married and get babies and do jobs and never seen them again! ;_;

    Welcome to the site, Booboo!