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  1. Hello I am DMDBeast, i was basically talked into this by my friend Stheno, but i couldn't resist the allure of a site like this. I don't know why i never considered it.

    I have characters galore, i'm sure to have one that meets your needs or just intrigues you, don't be afraid to ask.

    I'm open to trying anything, even if you need a backgrounder to fill in the blanks. Can't wait to jump in.
  2. Lol I was lie... I need to write some more :) good to see ya here man.
  3. YAY! Friends dragged in by friends! >:3 Welcome to the Community, oh Beast of the DMD!
  4. just as a quick thing DMD stands for Dead Man's Den
  5. You know in the like what? 3 years I have known you I never knew that lol. I never asked
  6. Maybe you should ask mo- wait has it seriously been 3 years? O.o where has the time gone!?
  7. When did you start writing real vampires on? I followed you from like.... the second one you ever wrote. Like mid sophmore year. So ya, three years. About.
  8. You make me feel so old! T.T I wrote those forever ago, i almost forget that's where Ruben and Chris came from.
  9. I LOVED them, got on quizilla once a week to read your new ones, immediatly entered your competition so I could get a character in it. It was very exciting for me lol
  10. I remember that, first time Excalibur was on the show, ah good times.
  11. Ya a long ass time ago, I never thought that Ex and Rueben would get together
  12. Well cause, they hated each other like....like....two people who hate each other.
  13. haha ya they did lol, Ex was so mean to him lol it was awesome
  14. Dude, Quizilla was awesome! Before it kinda started to change, then become slightly confusing, haha. And hi there! :D
  15. Well to be honest he kinda deserved it, he's kind of a dick.
  16. Hey there Skyless
  17. What's shaken bacon? And hopefully you don't mind if I just dropped right in haha.
  18. Nah its jazzy and he was definitely a dick but Ex is a total bitch lol, that's her signature man. I haven't written anything with Excalibur in so long.... and Leesil! He was such a sweetie.
  19. He was Melody and him fit together perfectly, i've been meaning to wirte more with them, Evan has a new story.

    Sky no worries, all are welcome, but be warned, you may not like what you see MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa.........ha
  20. Ya it was almost creepy how perfect they were together. Anywho.... if you wanna rp with me shoot me a plot dude. I am game