Hello One and All!

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  1. Hello all~

    I have been roleplaying for about half a year on a similar site called Rpnation. I was recommended this cite by my friend @Greedy Donuts , and am really happy to be here and do any kind of roleplay really. Always open to new things~
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  2. *Jumps down from ceiling* Heya there! Hehehe..I am Naruto Uzumaki. Welcome to Iwaku! *gives flowers* need a buddy or just wanna rp, let me know!
  3. *bows* greetings stranger! Welcome to the madness! *smiles* don't fear to seek me out if you want to RP! Now enjoy.
  4. Hallo Ice Queen, welcome to the site! ^o^
  5. Welcome to the site mon ami~ *Grabs your hand and kisses it softly like a gentleman bowed forward* Sorry just felt like doing that to someone for once and just so happens you were the lucky choice lol. :D
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  6. Happy to have you here!~ :D *Hands you a free cookie* Here have a cookie! :D
  7. YAY!~ *eats cookie*
  8. That cookie had a secret ingredient in it :3
  9. OH NO! *wobbles*
  10. Ish ok the only secret Ingredient in the cookies I make are LOVE! :D
  11. Whew *wipes sweat off forehead*
  12. Your eating the love I put into the cookies~ :3
  13. and... welcome to Iwaku hope you enjoy your stay~!!! *cough"*