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  1. Hello to each and every one of you amazing and beautiful people!
    How are you on this lovely day? c: I am new to this site, but not into the great world of Roleplay! My name is kept secret, So you all can all me by my main OC name Aria. c:

    Umm.. What else..? Oh yes! I am looking forward to Roleplay with every single one of you! c: I greet you all with cookies and open arms!
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  2. Welcome to the site
  3. Hi BraveSoul, welcome to Iwaku!! I am F0X and we are so happy to have you here on the site!!

    There are lots of places to roleplay, and checking the roleplay search section is a great place to look around for roleplays, as well as advertise your own desires!

    There are also lots of chatrooms used for both hanging out and chatting, as well as roleplaying!!

    If you're ever in any need of help at any time, never hesitate to ask!! I'm always here to help, as well as many other of the CV's and Staff members here on Iwaku!

    Happy writing!~

  4. Greetings welcome to the site if you look for any Rps you can ask me and I can send you a few links to some that are doing well and are quite fun.
  5. This is the resident Iwaku Willow Tree giving you a friendly greeting and welcome! Come role-play with me!
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