Hello once more Iwaku!

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  1. Hey Iwaku!

    Long time no see everybody ^.^ I have definitely missed you guys and am so glad I have time to be back on here. Though I suspect many of you probably have never seen me before. If you know me then skip this next paragraph. If you don't know me then refer belowwwwwww!

    Hi there new person I've never met before! We can be best friends if that's totally chill with you? I look forward to rping with you at some point. Just contact me if you are interested. I'm always looking for new friends :D

    Well that's about all I've got to say...that's 'nough rantin' for tah-day.

    I hope I haven't bothered anyone with this post btw...

  2. Hi there, fellow Texan! I think I've seen your name around the site before, but I don't believe we've been formally intro'd.

    I'm Ozzie (currently in Halloween "costume" as Lenore)! Nice to meet you, and welcome back.
  3. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku!

    You can call me Vanille, it's nice to meet you!
  4. Hellu hellu Ozzie ^.^ I recognize your name I believe but my memory is vague and vagrant...nice to meet you for the first time again though ;)

    And warm greetings to you as well Vanille :D Delighted to meet you too :p
  6. Hellu there Diana ^.^ Thank you for personally greeting me :D I feel special now :p
  7. Do I know you?


    o wo

    Jukebox, you say?
    -prepares quarter! Shoves quarter at the Jukebox.-
    . . .


    Welcome back, kid/person/thing.
  8. I believe I uh, fall under the person category sir! And as for your quarters, they are now my property and I will spend them on naught but slots and cheap women!

    I believe I do remember you though :p

    So hi.