Hello New one here.

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  1. Hi, I am new to this place, and after striking out so badly on Tumblr for roleplaying, I decided a new site is what I need, this one fell into my lap and I hope to develop some worthwhile plots with some of you. I have a wide range of oc's in Greek mythology, to own storylines I hope to get off the ground. So if anyone is interested, well... seek me out. I'm a lurker type and very shy so it takes me a little bit to warm up to others. Outside of my character I prefer to be called Invidia1988 in character depends on which muse I am using. I will post their profiles soon and hopefully you all will like them as much as my creating them. I have issues with punctuation, and generally... I have a huge self doubt issue. x.x


    Welcome to the site, Invidia! :D
  3. Thank you, I really got broken bad on tumblr for roleplaying I really hope this site is much more kind to me and my oc's. x.x I don't recommend many oc's unless they can make it really work.
  4. Greetings and welcome to Iwaku, it's a pleasure to meet you.
  5. Thank you. ^^