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Hello, and good evening/afternoon/morning.

I am pleased to start my new year in trying something new, and I was thinking of joining this board a good while back now. And I finally got around to make an account. And I hope I would enjoy my time here, and for having me.

And if you are wondering, I am not NEW to roleplaying or the like, actually close to a decade of time in front of a computer, even was a mod and eventually Admin of my own board. (Failed after three good years) Anything else that can be known or if you wish to know, just ask, I don't bite. I'll be reading on the rules to get myself truly accustom to what going on here and try to be a beneficial member of this board.

Thanks and god bless, or whatever higher power you may believe in.
Hello and welcome~
I'm Kitti, it's a pleasure to meet you, happy to have you aboard. Much more fun being part of the crew.
I hope the best for you, please do enjoy.
If you would, fill out this roleplay resume to help us get to know you better.
Happy playing!
Vay here, RP support and project mod, but first and foremost a roleplayer. Good to see an experienced RPer joining us and I hope you stick around. Check out the OOCs if you want to jump in right away of the writing section where we have challenges to wet your apatite.

Hope to see you IC soon.
Well, im trying to get everything together and I am torn to use an old character here or make an entirely new one? Any suggestions?
Well with the sheer Number of Roleplays around, you can do both.

Grandmaster Sharkikan out.
Usually people here use a different character for every RP they are in.
Welcome to the site.
Hello and Welcome. >:D And yes, there are many many many different RPs. So you could use an old character or a new one depending on necessity. I like recycling characters when opportunities present themselves.
Diana is very eco-RP friendly when she chooses to be. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE...REPOST.

As for whom I am? I'll let you decide on that end.

*Kicks Vay and forces him to start up the sub.*
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku my name is Shadow Ike, please do call me Ike. If you have any questions at all just ask and I may be around to answer some.

*takes the first bite of the sudsammich*
Heh... thanks guys for the welcome.

This was actually a lot more than I thought I would receive. I guess, I had my expectations kinda low, and I do apologize for that. But I will try to give my all, as much as I can.

So hopeful, I can show my true colors and I can receive all of yours.
Hmm, be careful what you wish for... Seeing some of their true colors can drive some people to madness. And others to violence, depending on who it is and how you cope. :D
We have many lovely roleplays to choose from and you can submit a fresh new character to each or tailor the same one to fit them all. ^_^
Welcome to Iwaku.

Like most of these people I'll be happy to help if you need, and I'll usually join roleplays if you need another player for one.

and if madness scares you, steer away from the insanity section.

Most of what has to be said, hath been said. So I'll just say welcome to the site, 'ope you enjoy your stay here.

*Offers BlitzKrieg a present*
Welcome to Iwaku mate! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. I don't think I've ever met anyone who hasn't!