Hello, new here!

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  1. Hello! I am Vivian! I just joined literallylike 5 minutes ago. The site looks really neat and I hope that I will like it here! Ihope to get to know all of you and join some great roleplays!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Vivian!

    Glad to have you with us!
  3. Thanks. I hope I enjoy it here!
  4. Oh, Viv!
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Welcome welcome!

    Have a cookie, please!
    You will enjoy it more for sure, after nomming its sweetness!


    And if you need anything, please ask. We're all pretty friendly!
    See you around!
  5. Hi Im Frost! im New Here To :3 Hopefully We Can Become Friends :D
  6. Hi Vivian~
    Jussayin hi... So Hi, o3o
    I noticed your location was in Wonderland.
    I think we'd get along well... Hahaha xD
    Welcome to the site... even though I still may be new.
  7. Hello Vivian! We are excited to have you here, also. Welcome to the community! <3
  8. Hey Vivian! It is so exciting to have you here, too! :] Never fear to ask the staff members for help around the site - that's what they're there for!
  9. Hello and welcome, Vivi.

    My name is Tetsuri!

    If you are looking for rp, you can try some Jump-In Roleplay!

    I also suggest the Cbox. Here, you can meet some members and make friends!

    Enjoy your stay here and have fun!

    Welcome to the family!
  10. Hello and Welcome Vivian! :D

    I have a feeling you may have added me on Skype~ But unless you speak German, maybe it isn't you! :D

    Anyways~ My name is Mitten, Iwaku's Friendly Kitten! :D I hope you love it here in Iwaku as much as I do! ^^ Everyone is great here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, other members, or even Staff members and Admins ^^