Hello! New girl here.

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  1. You can call me Rie. I have a love of sweets that sometimes transfers over to the scenes I write (though the sweet tooth doesn't mean all my characters like sweets). I'm new to Iwaku and looking forward to roleplaying and having fun. :) I'm not new to roleplay itself, I've played in some forums on other sites for around three years now.

    I'm open for a lot of things, though I have my boundaries. I hope we can respect each other's in rp. My favorite genres are Supernatural, Suspense, Horror and Romance. Though I can also do Adventure and Fantasy.
  2. Welcome to the site!
    So what's your overall favorite sweet? I'm a fan of Buñuelos.
  3. Hey, welcome to Iwaku! You'll surely enjoy your time here and you'll meet great people! Glad to have you aboard the SS Roleplay.
  4. Hi there Rie! :D Welcome to the siiiite!
  6. Nice to meet everyone! :jump:

    I like anything sweet with peppermint the most. Minty choco is the best, though I like trying different sweets! :)
  7. aaaah hello there ;;v;; im new as well so i just thought i would say hello uwu
  8. Hello! :)
  9. Yo hidy ho! Welcome to the show!
    (I keep seeing that avatar, everywhere!)
    Anywho, enjoy roles and playing them!