Hello, new girl here.

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  1. Hello everyone, :wave:
    I'm Amanda, 10+ year Roleplayer new to this site.
    A good friend of mine had told me to check it out and here I am.

    Before you ask, I have roleplayed on Vampirefreaks.com and Gaia Online.
    As well as being a Larper and Tabletop roleplayer. ^-^

    A little about me:

    • I am a happily in love 24 year old girl.
    • Currently looking to go to school for criminal psychology and creative writing.
    • I live in the United States.
    • I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.
    • I have a very long list of characters that I play from, over 50+ to pick from, most of whom I have been playing for 5+ years now.
    • I am a novice graphic designer, its strictly a hobby.
    • I tend to rant and have pretty crazy moments.
    • I am a huge lover of almost anything White Wolf related. Ex: Vampire The Masquerade or Exalted.

    Its nice to be here.
    Hope to make some friends. :jump:
  2. Hello @Nyx__ Welcome to Iwaku :)
  3. Thank you. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.