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  1. I'm 24 years old, I have a cat named Kina and I have been with the same guy since 10th grade. I have always been interested in creative writing and used to role play a lot when I was younger but probably haven't written anything with other people in 10 years. I occasionally try to write fan fics but I find it really hard to come up with ideas sometimes and when writing by myself, I get writers block easily, whereas when role playing, you can feed off of what other people say to come up with new ideas. I guess as I got older, the more anxious I became of being made fun of or doing something wrong, which I didn't care at all about when I was younger. There are a lot of RP forums that take things so seriously but all I'm looking for is to make a few friends and write some grade A content that 14 year old me would love to read.
  2. Hello! I'm Rainy, and I also have a kitty by the name of Shuffles. There are plenty of people to find and befriend on Iwaku and lots of people to write with! I get anxious too about doing the wrong thing/writing a weird post, but I've found nothing but acceptance and encouragement from the people I've been writing with!

    Don't forget to take a peek at the Newbie Care package that comes with some cool free stuff!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Thank you for your warm welcome! What kind of cat do you have? Kina is a tortoise shell! :) I appreciate you telling me that you also get anxious about posting but I am very glad to hear that everyone here is so warm and welcoming! I appreciate you letting me know about the Newbie Care Package and I'll be sure to check that out!
  4. I've got a little Russian Blue. Never had a tortie, but someday I hope to mother one!
  5. I had a Russian Blue forever! She's actually still alive but shes a family cat and I don't live with my parents anymore.
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  6. Welcooooome! *showers you with cat-shaped cookies* I think you'll find it quite nice here~

  7. I really hope so! Thank you so much! I would love some cat shaped cookies to be honest lol. I think that'll be my next cookie cutter shape!
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  8. I have a cat named Kina too!

    Oh wait ..

  9. :butthead:
  10. Hi, Purr! I'm Moody. Your cat has an awesome name. ;D I have a character with the same name who's a pretty badass supernatural hunter. You're already in my cool kids list.
  11. I hope Iwaku can be the community you are looking for! O_O Welcome aboard!
  12. Cats are bae ♥
    Welcome to Iwaku!! ♥
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