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  1. Hello, I am Basil, the tiniest dragon of the worlds and I have come to join yours. Though I am new, small, and almost insignificant I will be a dear friend to you none the less and would love to begin writing right away. This world, what do you call it? Iwaku? I rather like it. Yes, Iwaku is a fresh start for me and my adventures. How exciting!
    I will be exploring the forums now and I am more than likely to forget how to return to this very spot but private message me if you would like to continue to speak with me. I shall return here as soon as I know how!
    Basil, the Tiniest Dragon
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Basil. @Nydanna is your mother.
  3. And @Erranruin is fond of all things Dragon, so I'll summon her.

    Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your time here and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.
  4. Greetings Amaranthe and Eleyvan. It is wonderful to meet you both.
    Amaranthe, I hope your joining has been very easy on oneself, for you have only joined yesterday, yes? Yet, you know of the mother of dragons? How wonderful! I shall chat with her in due time as well Erranruin
    I did not expect any replies so thank you so much for the welcoming!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Wait, I'm someone random person's mother? o.O
  7. @Nydanna Oh god... I can't even... Your reaction is priceless... Pfft... I said you were her mother because she says she's a dragon and you say you're the mother of dragons! XD
  8. My dragon baby is much smaller, and lives in a tank on my dresser. :P
  9. I do not wish to live in a tank, thank you. Not when I've had all of Avalon to explore. However, I shall still call you mother, if you do not mind because now in the past few minutes I have grown fond of you.
  10. Welcome interesting one, big things show up in small packages, and so far you are very intriguing. I wish you luck in your journey though these lands and such of the website of Iwaku. Please forgive me, but I insist on leaving since it is not wise to stick around dragons for long, big or small, even if just as a sign of respect. Farewell friend.
  11. Danigirl, I almost missed you reply, thank you for welcoming! I hope you're having grand accounts of fun!

    Krnon, I already miss you and wish not for you to leave but if you must I hope we talk again soon.
  12. Hi, Basil, welcome to Iwaku :) I hope you enjoy your stay!

    To complete your welcome, have an adorable dragon~

  13. Hello and welcome to iwaku, hope to be friends with you tiny dragon. And the way you speak amuse me, I hope to see more of this language of yours. Please by all means, call me Add, the Empress of Cats.
  14. Fox of Spades-It's Toothless! A fellow dragon is always welcome in my company. Thank you, I envy his size and speed and hope to someday be as wonderful a dragon as he.

    Add-it is wonderful to meet you, but I must ask, you won't eat me will you? I have ran into a cat or two at the local villages in Avalon. They are not so friendly there, mistaking me for a mouse of lizard. Would you do me a favor and tell your kitty friends here that I am not a play thing? I'd be most grateful.

  15. I totally thought you were gonna do this. XD I would have loved you, but you didn't! :( Anyways, welcome to the Iwaku. ​
  16. Twas well that you summoned me! @Eleyvan

    Welcome to Basil, I'm all about the dragons and although you are the tiniest dragon I'm sure Merlin chose you for a reason ^_^

    Anyway I'll be happy to help you with any questions you have bout the forums and stuff so contact me whenever.
  17. Most certainly I will, for a dear friend. I shall tell them to be nice and treat you with respect, and please tell me if they are troubling you, I will punish them myself. Then again, enjoy your stay at iwaku.
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  18. Arlathina-I really should have been clever and done a humorous bit. That tickled my scales in all the right ways.

    Erranruin- Thank you ever so much. I am sure I will be the curious one and ask you many questions. I hope not to be too much of a bother, little dragons can be oh so pestering I am certain.

    Add- If you were a cat you would be the nicest cat in all the lands and I would much enjoy your feline company. Thank you from deep down in my little dragon heart.
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