Hello. My name is Misuki.



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Hello everyone who is reading this. I have never done anything like this so please treat me well. My name is Mikuki I'm a very shy, weird with not many friends because of how I am but I do hope to make friends here! I love reading and writing I'm a nerd about and have cause many bruises because of having my nose stuck to a book. >/////> I have a huge passion for art but I love drawing anime. I also adore music and you rarely ever see me without my music on or by me. I can't think of anything else to write anymore so thank you for reading it means a lot to me. I hope you have a great day or night bye!
Hello, Mikuki.
Welcome to Iwaku.
My name is Merrick, but I'm also known as Genesis or any variation of that name.
Your choice.

It's okay to be shy about first meetings.
I was intimated myself when I first arrived a few days ago, so no worries.
I'm also a bookwork and love to draw and play around photoshop.
We have things in common, yay!

Anyways, again, welcome.
If you have any problems or need a friend please feel free to add me or message me.
I'd be happy to do what I can.
call me ragnarok, plama grunt ed or just edward :)
im part nerd! high five!
*sicks his hand up in the air*
Hello and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
I have seen you poking around the site a little bit, so I shall assume you know where things are.
If not, however, or if you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask!
Hallo! :D Welcome to Iwaku! No worries about never doing stuff like this before, it's a peace of cake. XD All supa fun.
hi im new here too and am like you maybe we could write together K?! my name is Phoenix , hope we can chat!
Thank you all you guys are very nice so very sorry it took so long my computer died on me and family stuff happened so SORRY!!!!! >_< -Gives everyone a cookie for an apology-
i want pudding.........cookie :D

*You hear a pierceing scream after a boom and you see something zooming towards you.*


*You are hit by the Dynamic Glomp and it is super effective. You take one hundred points of snuggle damage.*

Randomness aside, hello... Oh crap, don't tell me the cannon is still going.

Quickly grabs you well putting up a field protecting us but few shards cutting Misuki protecting the other one. "Are you okay crazy person?" Cuts covering her arms and one on her face, blood falling heavily down her pale skin.

Excuse me while I use some Healamancy.

*Heals Misuki.* There we go. All better.


And I'm fine.

*spine suddenly snaps.*

Quickly looks at now healed wounds and bows deeply. "Oh my! Here you go." Quickly injects needle into your arm making your whole body numb. "Sorry it would hurt if I didn't do that and this I'm deeply sorry!" Misuki goes behid you her arms grabing you by your stomach popping your back elemating any pain that would come back ever again. "Better?" Misuki asked shyly twiddle her thumbs, her face lowered.
Ow... Actually, I'm a morph. I could just have turned to slime and reformed... *His leg starts to move like a dog while being petted.* Bloop
Misuki eyes widen her electric blue and slightly glowing purple eyes full of sorrow. I. . . I. . . I' M SO SORRY! I did something unnecessary please forgive me!!!!!" Misuki bows deeply her bloody red hair touching the ground in thick curly waves.
Its fine. Mistakes happen. Wh-HEY! *is suddenly a pile of slime, loops of it going everwhere as it explodes.*
"Uuummmmm! Oh here!" Grabs several bowls filling them with all the slime. "Here you go I think you lost this." Misuki whispered a small smile appeared on her lips.
"No problem. Hey would you like to role play with me?" Misuki asks giving you the puppy dog face. Please?"
Alright.Just give me a rp idea and maybe...

If I don't pass out first. Bit late.