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  1. Well Hello there.
    It is very nice to meet all of you. I have heard of this website a few times and have had yet to hear anything bad about it. Aside from the few rude people, but hey, you get that everywhere.

    I suppose I will just get right into telling you about myself. I notice that not many people actually pay attention to this forum or the threads on it, so I won't go too into depth. I will post the necessary information here I suppose and if you want to know more or whatever, feel free to pm me.

    I am 17 years young and so any of the adult's that wish to do role play's with me, sorry but you must keep your "Mature" role play's to yourself.
    I am a senior in high school, that being said, I only have about 7 or 8 weeks left until I graduate, so I will be busy during the weeks with after school stuff and graduation stuff, so if one day or night I just happen to not be around, that is why. I am in my school's drama class, so I do have after school practices as well, which can limit my availability. Once we get into the summer I will let you know more about y schedule if I am still around. I do not plan on making this website my "daily obsession" so if I do not respond for a day or two, that is because I just haven't been in the mood and I just need a break. If you are boring to me or I do not like the way you are role playing. I will tell you. I am not afraid to "hurt your feelings", that being said, I am not a bitch, there is a difference from a bitch and honest. If we are role playing and it goes something like this:

    Me: The wind blew softly across the path, leaves blew over his feet, his hair covering his left eye. He was a lengthy boy, but his build was somewhere in-between that of a stick and a metal pole. He walked slowly, in no rush to approach his destination. He was in no rush to be-head the beast. His large katana laid across his back, the blade shining in the moonlight. Yellow eye's peered out from the forest all around him, ranging from possums to win-dagoes, either way, he had no fear and knew he would make it there without trouble. The night was only getting darker, he didn't much like traveling late at night, especially in this neck of the woods. The animals, merchants and rouge's that lived here would be sure t jump out at him, the darker that it got. Finding a clearing he pull some branches from an old tree and made somewhat of a tepee shape. Breathing softly into the palms of his hands, a small flame began to emanate, placing it on the wood, he sat on his bottom and watched the wood begin to burn. Listening to the sounds that surrounded him and the breeze blow through the trees. He needed to rejuvenate and rest. Sitting with his legs crossed in front of the fire, he steadied his breath and closed his eye's. A small burst of wind blew in a circle around him. He calmed his heartbeat and slowly began to rest. this rest however was interrupted by the presence of another. She had been around him for some time now and he obviousness was becoming annoying. "Can I help you?" He muttered in his deep smooth voice.

    You: "yes, you can in fact, by dying."
    You: She slowly came out from the darkness and stood above him glaring down at him. "Yes, you can in fact, by dying."

    I will tell you to do a better job, or I will no longer role play with you. I just put all that thought and effort into a post for you and you can't even supply me with a decent sentence to work with. good bye.

    Now about the topics that I am into. I like fantasy more than anything, but I am open to just about anything, so just give me a hoot or a holler and we can come up with something. I am not too picky when it comes to topics, the only thing I seem to be quick to get bored with is high school role play's, there is just too much time being spent in class that it doesn't leave any room for role play, unless it's like a fantasy base school and the classes consist of battle training or magic training or things of that type, modern high school role play's are just bleck...sorry. Other than that, I really am up to give anything a try.

    I hope to hear from some of you and I look forward to role playing with you.

    (I do have a steam account as well, I know some role play forums do stuff over steam, so if you wanna add me there just let me know and I will give you my user or vice versa, I don't really care either way though, I don;t even know if this site does anything with steam, I just figured I would put it out there)
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  2. Pssh, many people pay attention to this subforum. Welcome to Iwaku! (:
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.
    I am Daisuke Yazamaki.
    I hope you enjoy your stay.
    Let me know if you ever wanna RP or chat.
  4. Hello to you as well, and welcome to this glorious city of Iwaku ^^
    While I must admit I myself venture into the Arrivals only to look for promising new RPers, there are tons of people who actually come here to just say hi and be friendly with the new folk xD

    Now then, if your taste is fantasy and a good measure of interaction, you will certainly find your share among our stories.

    Partake :D
  5. Welcome! And congratulations on graduating (soon)!
  6. I am surprised at how many people are saying hello. The other posts did not have many replies so I am shocked. If any of you would like to Rp. I am defiantly open :)

    Thank you for welcoming me.
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