Hello my friends!

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  1. Hi there! I'm Nanako and I am new here. I just moved in with my cousin the other day and she told me to try this website out. So, here I am!

    There isn't much to know about me other than the fact that I am a lady, I love role playing, and I talk far too much. Oh, and I love Kpop and would love to do a kpop role play if anyone is interested.

    I do most any types of role plays, but my personal favorite is a mature role play that has a lot of action in it...and by action I mean both kinds if you catch my drift ;)

    Anyway, I hope to meet plenty of lovely people and do lots of role plays!
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  2. Heyy Welcome to the sight! You will absolutely love it here because even the most out of there roleplay ideas you will find someone interested in doing it with you. Very proud to be the first to give you love!
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Nanako! Pleased to meet ya and enjoy your stay ^ ^
  5. Thank you! I am certain that I will!
  6. A hello to you and welcome to this lovely place called Iwaku!
    I'm sure you'll find tons of action, both forms, here!
    Ask around if you need any help, and roleplay lots!
  7. Hmu with any ideas you wanna throw at me i can work with it! Welcometo the site !
  8. I will do my best! Thank you!
  9. I will thank you!
  10. The drift. It has been caught with finesse.

    Welcome to Iwakuuu!
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. Welcome to the land of amaziness, where amazing people (such as me [lol ok, I'm not actually stuck up]) write amazing stories with your amazing and fantastic self! I'm sure you will enjoy all the writing
  13. Hallo Nanako. :D Here is a more official welcome to the site! <3
  14. DO I HEAR KPOP?!
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  15. Thank you all! And yes kpop. Haha
  16. @Nanako

    am a huge fan nanako!!

    my love mainly goes to teentop , vixx, 100%

    I also reallylove Mblaq , btob ,BIG BANG!!! ,u-kiss
  17. I like 2Ne1, big bang, both, beast and a few others. My all time favorite is Block B though