Hello, my darlings~

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  1. Pleasure to meet you!

    My name is Sapph and I enjoy writing, drawing, knitting and animating. I'm something of a Gamer and I tend to get hooked on stories.

    I bake (for money!) in the terrifying real world and I hope to get fully sucked into a role play or two (My last role play ended up spanning 300 characters four generations and 3 universes (Quite unintentionally!) )

    I hope to find some equally enthusiastic Role players here!

    Happy Writing!
  2. Hey there Sapph and welcome to Iwaku. :)

    That is a mighty roleplay you had going there! O_O It would be pretty darn stellar if you ended up participating in something like that here, too. I think the closest thing we have here to something like that would be our Mythos projects. If you're ready to jump into something big, I would suggest checking out the Mythos tab on your navigation bar. Otherwise, there are plenty of smaller scale roleplays with just as good of a plot and players.

    See ya around!
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  3. Thank you, Dawn!

    Well I certainly don't shy away from reading! I will take a look and If I think I could add something to it I will most definitely be interested in joining, I must say I have been hoping to jump into another big universe.

    I hope to write with you sometime!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Sapph!

    Have a great time here and remember!
    Roleplay the crap out of yourself!

  5. XD Role play the crap out of myself? I shall certainly try.....but it sounds messy.

    Thank you for the welcome!
  6. WarrenSapph! It is I, Cerulean! We met in the cbox, and it was nice talking to you. I wish you the best of luck on Iwaku!
  7. It was nice talking to you too, dear! ^^ Thank you.
  8. D'awwwww you called me dear xD
  9. To be perfectly honest its one of my speech ticks that translates into my typing. ^^ Of course that doesn't mean I call just anyone Dear.
  10. Well, in that case, I am honored. =)
  11. Greetings Sapph! You have quite an RP history there. I'm sure you'll make an epic one here on Iwaku as well. Have fun and enjoy your stay! :)
  12. Hello! ( I like your avatar XD) I certainly hope so! Thank you for the welcome, Crash.