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  1. Okay so my roleplay idea is that it is a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies au. Here is the plot I have so far:

    Shade sighed as she rode her horse to London. She heard about the zombie breakout there and knew that she had to help. She got off her horse once she go to Pemberly Manor. She sighed as she tied up her horse then walked up the steps to the doors and knocked. She knew Mr. Darcy was one of the best zombie hunters in the country and if she could possibly make an alliance with him, they would be the best to fight off the hordes.
    One of the servants opened the door. He looked at her confused. “Excuse me? Who are you?” he asked. Shade walked in.
    “I must speak with Mr. Darcy immediately. Where is he?”
    “Umm… Yes. Follow me,” he said then lead her to the drawing room.

    Mr. Darcy sighed as he looked out the windows, grieving of his late wife’s death. She was bit by a zombie just a few months ago, and he was the one to have to end her. Just like his own father.
    “Mr. Darcy, you have a visitor.”
    “I don’t want to talk to anyone right now, Fredrick.”
    Shade then walked in and smirked. “Mr. Darcy, I think you would like to talk to me though.”
    Darcy then turned and saw an almost exact replica of Elizabeth. Except, her skin was farer, her eyes were an emerald green, and her hair was as black as a starless night. “Elizabeth….” He whispered. Shade tilted her head slightly, a look of confusion on his face.
    “Uhh… No? My name is Shade Nightingale. And I can help you.”
    “And how, Miss Nightingale, can you do that?”
    “You, are known as one of the best zombie hunters in the country. I know where a zombie colony is. If you work with me, we can get revenge on those dead bastards.”
    Mr. Darcy then sighed. “I am sorry, Miss Nightingale, but I cannot do that. Not right now…”
    “And why is that?”
    “Because I am not able to fight zombies in my current state.”
    “I can tell you are in need of revenge. I can help you.”
    “How is that?”
    “I have ways of finding people.”
    “The person that I am after is dead.”
    “Are you sure he is completely dead?”
    Mr. Darcy looked at her, surprised. “I know he is not completely dead. Yet, I cannot do anything about it anymore. She is gone and he has disappeared.”
    Shade looked at him and smirked. “Mr. Darcy, I promised that I will be able to help, if you just let me. I’ve been training every since I was able to fully walk, and finally just left training.”
    “How old are you, then, Miss Nightingale?”
    “I am seven-and-twenty. And you, sir?”
    Shade nodded and looked around. “Well, Mr. Darcy, will you let me help you with revenge?”


    So I know it seems kind of lame, but I want it to still be a romance. I like the idea, and all I need is someone to play a pretty convincing Mr. Darcy, while I play Shade Nightingale. Here is her CS:

    Name: Shade Nightingale
    Hair Color: Midnight black
    Eye Color: Emerald green
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Age: 27
    Favorite Weapon: Top[​IMG]
    Full Thing[​IMG]
    Personality: Sarcastic, smart, proud, honest, confident, snarky at times
    Trained: Japan
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