Hello, Mortals and the like!

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  1. I am Ghost Chrismen.

    You, be you Human, Demon, Angelic being, Ethereal Entity, or anything else; May call me Ghost.

    I would like to be hugged now.

    Thank you for your time, Ghost Chrismen.
  2. But I am scared of hugs. ;__; Welcome to Iwaku, anyway!
  3. Hugs? On our first encounter! I would like dinner first.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
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  4. Welcome to Iwakuland, ghostie.

    May you never come across a door you cannot phase through.
    Because it hurts to walk into them. Believe me.

    I mean, yeah, welcome, okay, bye.
  5. Spoooky Ghosty~

    So scary and huggable!!

    I'm sure you will meet tons of people willing to hug an apparition!
  6. *Attempts to hug but phases straight through, on approach to the ground he poses with two thumbs up and a smiley face before his face makes contact with the ground, considering the laws of physiques such in his eyes, he immediately rebounds back up to a standing position and looks around before at the rest* Now we know the truth.... I'm an idiot.... >_>

    HELLO! Least I'm not alone :D
  7. Hello, I am ruler of this forum the awesome KID JESUS. I you will enjoy this place friend.