Hello minna!

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  1. Hi everyone, after getting a new computer that actually works I finally had the courage this forum! If you guys like I also go by White or Nar, so either one is fine. I'm also fairly new to roleplaying sites so please bear with me if I act a little nervous.

    I really hope I can get along with everyone and have some fun roleplaying with you guys in the future!
  2. Ohayou gozaimasu!

    Welcome to Iwaku. :D Dun be scared, this is a nice place!
  3. welcome to Iwaku!
  4. WOW so many new members I'm getting whip-lash, XD

    Anyways welcome to IWAKU!!!! Happy to have you on board and don't worry about being new or nervous we've all been there at one point. You picked a wonderful place to start off this place was my second RP site, and they were more than happy to show me the ropes the same will be for you. There are plenty of people here to get to know and RP with so just relax look through and see what interests you.
  5. Thank you very much everyone!