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  1. 'ello there,
    my name is Amalia, lots prefer to call me Ama or Amy. Others call me by my usual gaming nick Mirrei or Mir when they want to shorten it.
    I live in central europe, am of the age of 20, female and am a, we could say, quite serious type of person.

    My roleplay experience isnt that big, I used to roleplay in Guild Wars 2, had lots of fun putting a certain friend, whom rped with me, into quite weird spots that caused the "Guard" rp guild to get involved which then tried to jail him over and over again. T'was lots of fun.
    But that was in the end of the year of 2012, didnt had any rp since then.
    This person here; (sorry for link, its basically a cam rp session; This person = their gamemaster)

    Basically reminded me of it. I enjoyed watching it a lot and did feel the desire to basically be part of that story.
    It also woke an old emotion of mine. My past isnt very bloomy and the old emotion of mine is the desire to drift away from reality and venture into a different world for a while.
    Which is why I am quite interested into rp chats that have a gamemaster.

    One thing I should mention is, I am the guild Leader of Cesedria, currently set as two teams on League of Legends. The matchups for it are every Saturday 7pm until deep into the night so I am never free on saturday evenings until said differently.


    Even though i doubt lots will read it :cupid:
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  2. You might find forum and chat roleplaying quite to your liking, then! >:3 There's so many fun things you can do. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Welcome to the site, Merrei :)
  4. I guess as a non native english speaker I will never understand why people overlook mIrrei and use mErrei X)
  5. Welcome to the site, Mirrei. To be honest, I'm confused by it as well.
    It totally has nothing to do with the horrific psychological torture that we subject members to.
  6. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
Thread Status:
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