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  1. Hiya! So, I've actually signed up on Iwaku before and absolutely failed to commit, due to all kinds of outside influences. One of the biggest things that stopped me though was a lack of confidence in my own writing, and that's less of a problem now. Or maybe it's still there and I just haven't written recently enough... Ah well, s'hard to say. The point is, I'm here now! And I'm actually saying hi to all you dorks so that I can be part of the crew and not just a wallflower.

    Outside my former attempts at roleplaying here on this site, I've still got a pretty good amount of RP experience. Several years, in fact, plus a background in theatre that allows improvisation and an understanding of character motivations 'n' whatnot. I'm a DM as well, once a week. Pathfinder, if anyone cares. Once I'm a little more comfortable with this particular medium - I've mostly done my scenes in chat rooms - I may even set up a Pathfinder adventure for that oh-so sparse dice section.

    It's rather late as I'm writing this, and I'm dumb enough to still be up with an opening shift looming over me, so I'll likely take the time to peruse opens RP's come tomorrow evening. I know I'm planning to pop in on Ilium, that's for sure. Though, I'll need to do my research on the world.

    Oh, right! And before I sleep, here are the quick answers to that survey:

    1) Call me just about whatever you like, so long as it isn't rude. Martinet makes the most sense with my screen name, but I'm not one to judge you nicknaming types.
    2) If Lady Martinet wasn't enough of a clue, I'm a lass. A dame. A broad. No, scratch that, don't call me a broad.
    3) I'm 21.
    4) See above.
    5) I tend to prefer group scenes, just because of the versatility they allow, buuuuuut I'm absolutely up for something more one-on-one.
    6) I love the outdoors and beaches and pretty stuff, but it all depends on the mood, ya know? Living in a desert, as I do, I'm gonna go with the AC.
    7) At present, I'm bouncing back and forth between Rockstar and Land of Opportunity, both by Great Big World. I'm sure that'll change soon enough, I've got Taylor Swift in the CD player in my car.
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  2. What's up, newbie? Welcome aboard, and take a cookie! I give 'em to all newbies. Unless you'd prefer s'mores, but I don't have any of those...
  3. Cookies are my jam. Except not really. Jam is my jam. Cookies don't go well with toast.
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