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  1. It is I Sir Sky, a Knight of your Kingdom Darling.

    Salutations Doll, I am a traveler from many other roleplay sites. One which live on to this day then those which have fallen victim to un-wished for events.
    But those don't matter at the moment for I am now currently within the extravagant lands of Iwakuroleplay.com and I must say I am truly excited to experience the many plots that will come to me or I may come to.

    Now I am fairly experienced, having participated in forum roleplays for perhaps 5 years now, and haven't found a need to quit the hobby for any real reason.

    You may look at my Roleplay Resume if you ever do wish to roleplay with me or invite me to one of your own public threads. For I'd love to get into it as soon as possible, but I may not participate as much as one may wish for the reason that like many others I'm currently in school. But I do hope to hopefully make even more beautiful plots and characters on this site and perhaps with some of you.

    Farewell Lovely!

    P.S. Please excuse my pet names I use them so often within my real life it seems so odd not to involve the titles within my own writing.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, dearest
    I hope you enjoy your stay
    And I can't wait to see you get comfortable and started here just judging by what you've written.
    Have fun lovey!~
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  3. Hallo there Sky, welcome to the siiiite! :D
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