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  1. Hi! Just made this account today because I love rp'ing and I only rp with one person (which is Kohn on here, he jus made an account too lol)
    As much as I love the idiot, rp'ing with one person all the time is a little monotonous ya know?
    Ya well, um I go by Kayla or Michelle, although character wise I like to change it up depending on the whole story line business that gets thrown down
    I've never used a forum before but I'm like super excited to try!
    So yeah, that's some quick? info about me (:
    See ya on the flip side
    Buh Bye~!!! \(^-^)/
  2. YO YO

    Welcome to Iwaku, rp paradise for the addicted roleplayer!

    I'm October, if you have any questions feel free to ask : )
  3. It definitely is good to switch it up once in a while. I like my Skype roleplays but group roleplay on the forum here is just as much fun. I hope you and Kohn have fun here and maybe even make yourself a little bundle of friends.

    Be sure to check out the 101 links in the navigation bar found under the Help tab and if you still have questions or concerns just drop one of us blue names a line. I'm also forever recommending that new arrivals take a gander at the CBOX, but don't be afraid if we're being a little weird or crazy in there. :)

    So...welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Oh small world. I just replied to his intro thread before this lol. Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find some incredible RPs to join here. Enjoy and have fun! :)
  5. Aw thanks a bunches~! :)
  6. Thanks sweetness~! :3
  7. Woah crazy! We can all be friends then yay~!!! ^w^
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