Hello! Looking for something new to roleplay?

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  1. Hello i joined recently to this beautiful site and im loving it! I currently started a new group Called Nightcrawlers! If your new looking for something to role play you came to the right place! I am role playing wolves!! yes wolves!
    This is the homepage of The group if you may click here you may see the description of how its set up the story / role play https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-group/night-crawlers.168/group-detail

    Over here is where you summit your Wolf or wolves (remember or 3 wolves max! )

    And this is where the role playing begins! Be sure to read the others members recent replies or read from the beginning so your not completely lost! we just started so theres not much to read ^_^ When coming into the Role play try to come in smoothly dont just pop in lol Its like reality for wolves! https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/the-conversations.3780/?page=2#post-160237

    Please Leave comments below tell me what you think! i will accept you to come into the role play . dont worry i would never decline nobody. i just put it private because you never know like lots of people can come in and join post anything and it will be a big mess! I love being organized lml. ENJOY!