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  1. Hello all the names Mega but if we were to get more personal my names Phil and i calling out for some Rp partners. Now let me note something here I only play male characters in my MxF rps. I do not do MxM or FxF or even Futa because it makes me a bit uncomfortable because of the roles i play. Anyways lets move onto what I'm looking for in my rp partners

    • Have some good grammar (i understand if you make mistakes we all do but i just want to understand what your saying at least doesn't have to be the best)
    • Reply with at least a paragraph. (I have grown more use to replying with paragraph post but sometimes if I'm tired it might go down a little, just not to one liners.)
    • Time management (I just want someone to at least post 2 a week so i know that your still around I'm free on the weekends, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. if something comes up let me know just don't disappear on me :) )
    Alright now then for the types of parings that I;m interested in at the moment. (bold is the position i want to be)a

    Master x Slave

    Hunter x Wild animal ( furry if its okay with some people)

    Prisoner x Cellmate (i have a idea for this)

    Bounty Hunter x Wolf (i also have an idea for this as well.)

    Pet x Trainer

    That's all the ideas i have at the moment pm me if you have a specific pairing you would like to do. also comment here on what types of rp's you would like to take part in :)
  2. :3 If you still open please PM I really like your pairings! xD i really like 3 of them so we can discuss the pairing you prefer of those 3!
  3. alright then :)
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  4. Hi there. If you're still looking I'd be interested in Trainer x Pet or Master x Slave?
  5. Alright then pm me and we can discuss the ideas for the Trainer x Pet rp.
  6. Guessing that Master x Slave is already taken? If not, I would be willing to try that one.
    Possibly Prisoner x Cellmate
  7. Not really pm me and we can discuss a plot
  8. I like all of the ideas! I am up for any of them, I usually play more submissive roles as well, so yeah. PM me with one you really wanna try the most out of these and we can work something out?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.