Hello! Let's be Partners! (Updated 5/17)

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  1. Thank you for looking at my thread!

    First things first-
    (I know they suck, but they make everything much easier if you read them)

    Please communicate with me. If you don't want to reply that day, or if you're busy or don't feel good, whatever, please tell me. I'm not a monster, and I won't be angry.
    I also will not be angry if you want to quit the role play- I just appreciate being told.

    Please be able to reply at least once every other day.

    Be willing to double up, or play the male/canon.

    Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and please stick to third person.

    So, these are all male x female romance. And canon x oc.
    However, if we double up, your couple can be male/male or female/female, if you prefer.
    I just like mine to be male/female.


    Attack on Titan
    Fruits Basket
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Death Note
    My Love Story
    Psycho Pass
    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    Avatar: The Last Air Bender
    Harry Potter
    Once Upon a Time
    Life is Strange
    Dragon Age
    Hunger Games
    Star Wars
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy VIII


    Brother x Sister romance
    Historical romance (Medieval, 1700's, 1800's, Victorian Era, Ancient Japan, ect ect)
    Ghost x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Android x Human
    Monster x Monster
    Demon x Human
    Angel x Human
    God/Goddess x Human
    Witch x Witch Hunter
    Crime lord's daughter x Rival gang member
    Best friend x Best Friend
    Ex x Ex
    Teacher x Student
    Step Sibling x Step Sibling
    Artist x Artist
    Psychic x Psychic
    Window x Dead Husband's Brother
    Queen x Knight
    Gamer x Gamer

    School President x Failing Grades Student
    MtF Transgender x Male
    Athlete x Athlete
    Tall guy x Short Girl
    Chubby girl x Athlete guy
    Uptight/Proper Girl x Lesbian classmate
    Druggie x Druggie
    Siren x Sailor

    Pretty much anything we can come up with! Please brainstorm with me!

    Also ask if you don't see something here. I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff.
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  2. Still looking.
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