Hello Ladies

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  1. Looking to satisfy my norms of the noble guy who saves the princess. Any variations are more than welcome, though I do already have a Twisted Disney type of plot. Please throw your ideas and damsels my way, here or on my profile.

    Whether or not he's a knight in shining armor, I intend to play the guy that puts a smile on your lady's face!
  2. Mmm...interesting. I've never done a 'lady in distress' kind of RP, but I guess I can give it a try. c:
  3. Let us talk, and come up with ideas, yes?
  4. Both of you can feel free to PM me. And while "damsel" is implied, there doesn't neccessarily have to be romance or a lady - depending on your characters/inspirations.
  5. I'm up for it if you're still interested.
  6. I like playing females, so let's talk ideas!