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  1. Hi everyone, as you probably noticed I am new, I found this site while searching the web for a really good roleplaying website, and I stumbled across this one so i figured i'll give it a go. I have five years of roleplaying experience under my belt and I love it. I love romance roleplays and also a little historcal adventure such as the American Civil War and Revolution.
  2. Well youre going to be disappointed due to the large ratio of non-americans here Doesn't stop you from starting something yourself though.

    Anyway I'm Vay, one of the trifecta of global Mods here to arbitrate and serve. I'm sure You'll enjoy your stay here especially if you ask Myrn to let you into 'the club' >.> <.<

    *secretly teaches secret handshake*
  3. Well someone has to bite first I suppose. [crushes shrieking troll sense under heel]

    Hello and welcome to Iwaku! ^___^

    I wouldn't advise stepping into anything of suspicious color, texture and consistency or smell. Or screaming. Don't step in any screaming puddles. That's usually bad...

  4. Thanks for your welcomes, I greatly appreciate it. Lunatic, your avatar is rather interesting to me, forgive me for being random but it reminds me of something idoubt you would know about.
  5. You forget- you have to adjust your hipster glass when you say things like that.

    But I'm all ears ^_^

    Eyes. Whatever.
  6. Hello there, glad to have you on board.
    (Glad to know that all those posts I made with "Iwaku is best site" just to get pulled up on Google finally worked.)
    If you have any questions, please do ask!
  7. What american revolution?


    I'm sorry, we won't be allowed to take that discussion here anyway. Welcome to Iwaku, remember to enjoy yourself!

    I like historic RPs too. Hope to see some of that here.
  8. -Narrows her eyes at the newbie.- Do you have my light saber, or my time machine blue prints?! I've seen to have lost them on the way, while Amso was trying to harass me in the basement.

    Don't be afraid be yourself, and enjoy the site.
  9. Wow, yea I hadn't even thought of that- a historic rp would be pretty cool. I know very little history so I probably wouldn't join, but I would follow it avidly!

    But my curiosity is killing me, seriously. What's this thing my avatar reminds you of I probably know nothing about?
  10. Welcome to the Iwaku, Kody!

    *tips hat and walks steadily out of the back door*