Hello, Iwaku~~


Evil Tacos

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Hello there!

Alright, I'm Evil Tacos. You can call me whatever you want; Preferably GIR... since I love GIR (Invader Zim, GIR)
I'm not new to roleplaying, but at the same time I haven't been roleplaying for more than a year. I'm still a highschool student and I love to draw. I also like playing JRPG's like Final Fantasy, Persona and anything else I can get my hands on... since they are so hard to find in Australia D:

I'm a photography student as of 4 weeks ago, so I'd really like to chat with any other photographers and maybe share some of my shots. I'm not particularly good at stuff like science, law, geography or history... In fact most of my subjects this year are either;
A) Compulsory subjects (Maths, English, Religion...)
B) Arts (Drama, Photography, Visual Arts)

And then there's accounting =/

Enough rambling. That's pretty much everything about me. Personality wise; I'll let you figure that out ;)

RP genres that I like are mostly fantasy, but I really don't mind any genre as long as it's not yaoi. I am a boy after all...
I also like RP's based off anime and games; and I shall one day start my own Persona RP on this site ;D

That's all there is... I think. I do have one newb question though;
This site confuses me, so I don't know how to change my avatar or signature (If we have signatures =/)

I hope to join some RP's soon ^_____^
Thanks for having me <3


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Welcome Taco :D
If you go in on settings then you will find both avatar settings and signature settings there :9


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RPG fans are great to see around =) Same thing goes for fantasy RPers.

For a bit more detail on avatar/sig, go to the top right of the very page, Settings. On the left of that page, scroll down a bit. You'll see "Edit Avatar" and "Edit Signature", that easy!


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Your name is so delicious, I can't stop thinking about tacos to offer any useful advice! X____X


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Hello there and welcome to Iwaku.
Invader Zim is fairly popular, I think we've had a dozen people asking to be called Gir... XD
**Settles on Tacos**

I'm Kitti, by the way, welcome to Iwaku.
Take a look around our lovely site and absorb all the awesomeness...

If you need help or anything, please feel free to ask for help!

Saint Gummy

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I'm afraid I can't call you Gir with a clear consience until you sing the doom song, my good man.~

Welcome to Iwaku, though! :D

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Evil Tacos, I am intrigued! Welcome to Iwaku I'm October, nice to meet you. I also enjoy Jrpgs, mostly old school ones. I hope you enjoy your time here.